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น้ำมันเมล็ดคามีเลีย CAMELLIA SEED OIL

In 2001, her Royal Highness Princess Sirindhorn asked “Chaipattana Foundation” to contact “Yunnan Institute of Botany” in China to obtain tea seeds and sprouts for the cultivation in northern and northeastern Thailand. Today, millions of tea oil trees are grown in the mountainous areas of northern andnortheastern provinces, providing thousands of employments for the locals.

Her Royal Highness Princess Sirindhorn, afterwards, brand-named all the products made by Chaipattana Foundation including tea seed oil as “PatPat” with aims to better the local livelihood in a sustainable way while improving the forest conditions at the same time.

Our high-quality tea seed oil comes from those tea oil trees grown and harvested by the happy hands of the local employees of “PatPat”. Here, the tea seed oil has been successfully produced in the factory based on hygienic manufacturing standards and simplified methods with environmental awareness.

Tea seed oil is great for cooking, hence, the cooking oil used for centuries in Southern China and is used in a number of beauty products as it contains healthy fatty acids and high content of vitamin E that provides skin anti-aging and hydrating benefits, making it a perfect natural moisturizer.