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น้ำมันดอกกุหลาบจุฬาลงกรณ์ CHULALONGKORN ROSE OIL

Inspired by the romance tale of the princess Dara Rasmi of Chiang Mai and the king Chulalongkorn of Siam, our Rose de Siam features a beautiful blend of Chulalongkorn rose oil, a thorn-free pink rose the princess lovingly cultivated in memory of her sovereign husband until her final day.

Being an avid member of The Royal National Rose Society (RNSS), Princess Dara Rasamee obtained new rose species every year. Among many roses, there was one large prink thorn-free rose with a strong fragrance, which became her favorite. She named the rose ‘Chulalongkorn’ and cultivated it on Mae-rim hill in Chiang Mai in remembrance of her royal husband—until her final day.

We used Chulalongkorn rose essential oil for its delicate fragrance and moisturizing qualities. The scent of essential oil effectively lifts up the mood and is lovingly inspiring.