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Essential Oils and Children

3 essential oils and children 2 scaled

Although essential oils are the purest form of plants, they still should be used with care on the children as their skin is way more sensitive to essential oils than adults. Thus, the selection of essential oils to be applied on skin should be made with care and should be diluted as always.

However, there are some essential oils that are considered very potent and should be avoided at certain age intervals. We classified them into categories below and provided you the dilution ratio guidelines. Please see both for your full awareness and be kindly noted to test essential oils on children skin by applying on their feet once diluted.

3 essential oils and children 2 scaled

Essential Oils to be Avoided Age Interval
Avoid use under Age 2 Avoid use under Age 5 Avoid use under Age 6 Avoid use under Age 10
Aniseed x
Anise (Star) x
Basil x
Basil x
Black Seed x
Cajuput x
Cardamon x
Cassia x
Clove Bud, Clove Leaf, Clove Stem x
Cornmint x
Eucalyptus x
Fennel (bitter), Fennel (sweet) x
Galangal x
Garlic x
Ginger Lily x
Ho Leaf, Ravintsara (cineole chemotype) x
Hyssop (pinocamphone chemotype) x
Laurel Leaf, Bay Laurel x
Lemon Leaf / Petitgrain x
Lemongrass x
Marjoram (Spanish) x
Massoia x
May Chang x
Melissa x
Myrtle (aniseed) x
Myrtle (honey) x
Myrtle (lemon) / Sweet Verbena x
Niaouli (Cineole Chemotype) x
Oakmoss x
Opopanax x
Oregno x
Peppermint x
Peru Balsam x
Rambiazana x
Rosemary x
Saffron x
Sage (Greek) x
Sage (White) x
Sage (Wild Mountain) x
Sanna (Ginger lily, Hedychium spicatum) x
Saro x
Savory x
Styrax x
Tea Leaf / Black Tea x
Tea Tree (Lemon-scented) x
Treemos x
Tuberose x
Turpentine x
Verbena (Lemon) x