How to Select the right Essential Oils

Dark bottles help preserve pure essential oils

Many people have found that essential oils can relieve stress, help them concentrate, and gently lull them to sleep at night after a long day. Choosing the right essential oils is the first step in getting the full benefits of aromatherapy. But how do you know if the essential oils you’re using are pure?

Knowing how to select the type of essential oils is crucial for safety and effectiveness. 100% essential oils contain beneficial chemical compounds from the plants they’re extracted from. If an essential oil is labeled as pure, you can be sure you’re not breathing harmful artificial chemicals formulated to replicate the smell of a particular plant. We’ll outline some of the ways that you can tell 100% essential oils from lesser substitutes and ensure you’re getting the full benefits of essential oils.

Essential Oils vs Fragrance Oils

One of the keys to choosing 100% essential oils is in the name. Many of the cheaper substitutes on the market are sold under the name of “fragrance oils” or “aroma oils”, which can be an initial tip-off of a lower-quality product. These oils are synthetic mixtures that contain none of the natural compounds of essential oils. They’re made with artificial substances designed to smell like the fragrance they’re sold as without offering any of the aromatherapy benefits.

Essential oils are concentrated oils distilled directly from plants. The distillation or cold pressing process preserves and concentrates the beneficial chemical compounds of the plants from which they’re derived. Distilling uses steam or water to separate the non-beneficial liquids and solids of the plant and concentrate the beneficial compounds. Cold-pressing uses a mechanical process to achieve the same concentration result by separating the oils from the solids of the plant.

Essential oil labels must include information such as the botanical name of the plant, the plant part used (e.g., flower, leaf, stem), the extraction or distillation method, and the country of origin.

Preserving Essential Oils

Choosing the right bottles for your essential oils can increase the longevity of the product. 100% essential oils can last from 2 to 8 years, depending on the specific oil and the manner in which it’s stored. Always look for essential oils in dark amber or brown glass bottles. Amber or brown glass provides protection from the oxidation and degradation caused by UV rays and prolongs the potency and effectiveness of your essential oils.

When you buy essential oils in the telltale dark glass bottles, it’s always wise to perform a simple smell test. Remove the cap and take a sniff of the oil. Replace the cap for a minute, shake the bottle, and repeat the test. The oil should deliver a potent smell of the essence of the plant, and you should not be able to detect any chemical smells.

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