Exchange and Return Policy

Customers can exchange or return products within 30 days from the date the customer receives the product, and the company reserves the right to the product price, which is the price on the date of confirmation of the order from SabaiArom. Please check the accuracy and conditions before placing the order every time.

How to exchange products

  • If you find that the product is defective due to manufacturing or damage due to transportation. Please call or contact Customer Service Officer +66 97 264 2401 Monday – Friday (09.00-18.00), Email : [email protected], Line Official Account @sabaiarom to provide details about manufacturing defects or damage from shipping within 30 days after you receive the product. Please keep the receipt document or tax invoice for verification and confirm the order from SabaiArom
  • The company will check for defects and damage to the product as notified by you. The review will take approximately 7 working days and the company will contact you back to inform you of the results of the inspection according to the contact information received from you.
  • In case the company inspected and found that the product has manufacturing defects or damage from transportation, the company will exchange or return the product to you.
  • In case of return If you are approved for a refund, refund will occur automatically within 30 days once your cancellation request is complete. The channel will be different depending on your payment.

The company accepts the replacement of the product in the following cases:

  • The product is defective due to production.
  • Damage to the product is due to transportation, which is why the goods cannot be used normally.
  • The company has shipped the wrong type, the wrong kind, the wrong packing size.

More info

Contact Customer Service +66 97 264 2401 Monday – Friday (09.00-18.00), Email : [email protected], Line Official Account @sabaiarom