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น้ำมันรำข้าว RICE BRAN OIL

Rice bran oil is golden light natural oil obtained from the hard-outer brown layer of rice chaff. It is one of the world’s healthiest edible oils with high percentages of vitamin E and fatty acids, which makes it a perfect skin moisturizer.  Full of nutrients including vitamins B, E and particularly rich in Gamma Oryzanol, which provides antioxidant up to 6 times more than vitamin E.

This natural oil is a wonderful natural emollient, the texture is medium-light, not heavy like Olive oil, nor light like Evening Primrose oil, therefore Rice bran oil provides an easy spread, penetrate deep into skin and help in keeping it hydrated.  This ingredient not only hydrates, but also protects with UV-protection property.

Thailand, as one of the world’s biggest rice cultivating countries, grows rice as the major part of all agricultural activities, making it an abundant source of high quality rice bran oil. The oil is derived from the rice grown in the chemical-free rice fields to ensure the best benefits and safety that will go into skin.