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The iconic ‘Phuket Pineapple’ was registered on the list of ‘Geographical Identity’ or ‘GI’ products by the Department of Intellectual Property, won by its uniqueness, particular cultivation area and expertise of the farmers—adding another wonderful thing to this famous island and bringing pride to the locals.

Patience is certainly required for Phuket pineapple cultivation as it takes up to 1.5-2 years to harvest, while one bush gives only one fruit. Phuket pineapple gained the popularity for its extra-size fruit, crisp, sweet taste, smooth yellow flesh and small core that makes it possible to eat almost through to the center. It also provides Fruit Enzyme (Bromelain), AHA, and high content of vitamin A and C that gently that replenish and brighten skin.

We had a lovely talk with Khun Wichai or Go Chai, a Phuket pineapple farmer.  We visited two of his chemical-free pineapple farms.  There, we tasted a very toothsome Phuket pineapple at source.  With his 22 year of wisdom and planting experiences, Go Chai told us that his ancestors had made a living by planting Phuket pineapple, and inherited the planting knowledge from generation to generation.  He cares for the customer’s well being just like he cares for his own; so, his pineapple is grown chemical-free.  Go Chai loves his farming life so he attends to it with passion and never wants to do something else.